Redefining Transitions film project

Personal projects or passion projects as we call them , are vital to us as filmmakers.They remind us why we make films after all,so every year we try to make time, step back from our client work and dedicate it to our craft. THis happens either by volunteering to projects that inspire us or creating our own. This helps us grow our skill , try new things, experiment with new technics while filming or in post production.

Redefining Transitions is a short documentary film titled "Redefining Transitions" with Dimitris Liossis , a mixed media Artist, presenting his latest Art project.

Dimitris built up a wooden skare bowl and used its surface as a canvass for his new painting.  This ramp as an art piece has a duality and a function. It wil actually be the main theme of a gallery 

where people would skate on it as well.

Dimitris  paintings were inspired by the Renaissance masterpieces, the fresco paintings and their architectural perspective which are unifying the artwork with the physical objects in the surroundings.

For the painting, he first used wood paint for the background in order to produce a nice flat surface to work with, then sprayed paints for the 3D effects and shadows, and then finished the piece using  markers for some sharp lines and details.


We feel proud that we were part of this as its the first time in Greece that an artist exposes street art combined with classicism and skateboarding

in a gallery where people can interact with it, either as skaters or as spectactors or simply as art enthusiasts.

Dimitris is a very creative and nice ,easy going person to be with. He is really talented and very active. 

We are proud to be part of this great Art project of Dimitris Liossis. An art gallery-instlallation of Renaissance-Fresco style painture.

Our contribution to this project is a video filmed in the last 3 months since the artist began the construction of this Inverted skate-able dome.

This was a unique chance to tell a story of how art met skateboarding through Dimitris Liossis.





















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